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October is National SIDS Awareness Month

As health care providers and educators we all too often feel the pain of parents and loved ones as they experience heart breaking loss due to SIDS and other sleep related infant deaths . With October being recognized as National SIDS Awareness Month, let's take this opportunity to provide additional focus and education on SIDS risk factors and the prevention of sleep related deaths, many of which are predictable and preventable. . . and let's begin to close the gap in racial and socioeconomic disparities related to this topic.

Included in this action alert, you will find: statistics; tips for preventability; provider and patient resources, including provider training opportunities and resources specific to SIDS Awareness Month and pre-made social media posts. Each graphic coincides with a corresponding messaging found in the "Social Media Graphics and Messages" section below. We hope that you find these resources helpful and will put them to good use!

Please feel free to share this action alert and its resources with your community partners to help spread this messaging to a broader audience. Thank you so much for all you do to educate families and protect our babies!

View the full action alert PDF, share the Social Media Graphics and Messages below, and check out the list of Resources!

Social Media Graphics and Messages

1. Breastfeeding Reduces the Risk of SIDS

Caption: Breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS. Providing breastmilk to your baby for as little as two months has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of SIDS, whether you're breastfeeding exclusively or combination feeding!

Find Local Breastfeeding Resources:
Source: AAP News & Journals

2. Share a Room - Not a Bed!

Caption: Share a room with your baby - not a bed! One of the easiest ways to help protect your baby from SIDS and suffocation is providing them with their own safe sleep area. Safety approved cribs, including pack-and-plays with a bassinet insert, can be easily placed within arm's reach of your bed. Sleep surfaces should be free of clutter like bedding, toys, and bumpers, and your baby should always sleep on their back. Just remember the ABCs of Safe Sleep! A-Alone, B-Back, C-Crib


3. Know and Show a Safe Sleep Environment!

Caption: Know and show a safe sleep environment! Check out this informative video demonstrating portable crib assembly and safe sleep guidelines.

4. Vaccines and SIDS

Caption: Vaccines not only protect your baby against infectious diseases, but they can help reduce the chance of SIDS too! Studies show that just by following your child's recommended immunization schedule you can reduce their risk of SIDS by as much as 50%. While vaccinations have gotten a bad rap in the past, rest easy knowing that you're doing all you can for your baby.


5. Smoking Isn't Just Bad for Your Health

Caption: Smoking isn't just bad for your health. It's bad for your baby's health, too! Smoking during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby can affect their physical development, lung function, and increase their risk for SIDS. And it's not just cigarettes- nicotine from vapes and other smokeless tobacco can be just as harmful. To reduce these risks:

  • Stop smoking before getting pregnant, or as early in your pregnancy as you can
  • Don't allow smoking in your home, car, or near your baby
  • Remove articles of clothing that were worn while smoking to avoid passing on third-hand smoke
  • Talk about these dangers with any caregivers who may watch your baby


Get help to quit smoking today!


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